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Our focus is on our stitchers to ensure that they have the best experience ever on Saturday, October 17th.

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Well, My Friend - You Can! 

On October 17th, we'll embark on a brand new needlepoint adventure designed to help you develop your skills so you can become a more confident stitcher. 

No more wasting precious stitching time on frogging those stitches that didn't turn out like you thought they would.

No more second-guessing your stitch selection or wondering if the thread you chose will actually work.

And no more projects abandoned in utter frustration and disappointment.


  • You could stop wasting time doubting your stitch and thread choices and spend more time actually working on your projects?

  • You knew how to tell whether or not a stitch was going to look good next to another stitch? 
  • You could learn how to select stitches and threads that work well together?
  • You had a foolproof step-by-step formula that you could use for crafting custom stitch guides based on your skill level?
  • You could do all of these things from the comfort of your very own home?


What's this Stitch Guides Made Simple LIVE™ Needlepoint Workshop all about?

Great question - and I'm so glad you asked!
Stitch Guides Made Simple LIVE™ is an online needlepoint workshop designed to teach you Ellen's signature system for creating custom stitch guides for needlepoint canvases
based on your current skill level.

In fact, you'll have the opportunity to create a Master Plan for a small canvas with a simple design!


First, you'll learn how to take any piece from your stash and apply Ellen's canvas evaluation process to break it down into bite-sized chunks so that you understand the overall composition. (HINT: This is the key to unlocking the door to creating stitch guides from scratch.)

You'll even have time to apply what you've learned to your study canvas using the exclusive workshop workbook.


Understanding how colors work together - or against each other - is a critical part of learning to write your own stitch guides.
In this segment of the workshop, we'll chat about color families and color schemes and
how they apply to your projects

Then, I'll put on my shop-owner hat and share oodles of insider info about a smorgasbord of different threads and how you can use them to add sparkle and pizazz to your canvases. 







Next, we'll examine a variety of canvases and I'll share my brainstorming process for gathering potential stitches that can be used to mimic texture and add visual interest to your projects.

Then you'll get to apply that same process to your study canvas to come up with your own list of stitches that are suitable for your current skill level. (I'll also share some of my favorite stitch/thread combos.)



Finally, it's time to outline your Master Plan.
This is the last step before actually crafting 
your stitch guide. It's where all of the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place so that you can formulate a cohesive strategy for stitching your project.




Throughout the workshop, you'll be able to ask questions and get instant feedback - as if you were sitting around the table with Ellen and your stitching friends. 

And we'll have dedicated tech support staff on hand to help you if you need assistance at any time during the workshop. 😉

Wondering why you should trust me to be your Needlepoint Guide?
Well, here's a little bit of background info about me...

I've mentored hundreds of stitchers just like you.

I love sharing time-tested needlepoint success strategies and systems that I've developed during my 25 + years of teaching in my own shop and around the USA. 

My mission is to help more stitchers overcome their challenges and frustrations so they can stitch with confidence.

I'm the founder of The Stitcher's Club – a premium membership community that empowers needle artists by providing them with resources, relationships and valuable training materials.

I've written articles and designed projects for a variety of needlework magazines and I'm the author of The Embroidered Home.  


In short, Stitch Guides Made Simple LIVE™ will provide you with a blueprint that you can use to choose the best stitches and threads to embellish your needlepoint canvases in new and exciting ways.

If you've been searching for a way to get out of your rut and add to your needlepoint skills, then you're gonna L-O-V-E Stitch Guides Made Simple LIVE™!

If you're always second-guessing your stitch choices - and you're tired of spending more time ripping than stitching - then you're gonna be dancing a jig when you learn how to properly evaluate a painted canvas so that you can apply the Stitch Guide Formula™ to all of your projects.

And if you struggle to find time to stitch, well, this is really a "no-brainer" for you. Where else can you have an expert teacher share the secrets for pairing stitches and threads for an array of design components - from angel wings to zoo animals - all at the click of one little button


  • how to reverse engineer a stitch guide by dissecting the design into small bite-sized chunks
  • guidelines for changing colors on your canvases
  • which threads work best on the different mesh sizes of needlepoint canvas
  • a magical trick that will help you compensate any canvas embroidery stitch
  • tips for pairing threads with stitches to get the best effect
  • the critical ingredient for every successful needlepoint project
  • plus lots more! 

"Patience is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Ellen as a teacher. She has helped so many times with stitch guides with my needlepoint and she always has a suggestion about what stitch would work best. Never in a way that was pushy – it was always suggested as an option. She is very good at making adjustments. I could not recommend anyone more than Ellen to teach needlepoint."

Susan M.

"I highly recommend Ellen as a teacher. She has taken me from beginning needlepoint to now where I can create my own stitch guides. Not only is she very patient, she listens carefully to your questions and finds solutions . You are never made to feel embarrassed, regardless of your skill level. She is extremely friendly and kind."

Ann W.

"Ellen has a vast knowledge of all things needlework! From needlepoint, embroidery, knitting, crochet, to weaving! She is always willing to help out with any project – big or small, easy or difficult! I cannot count the number of projects Ellen has helped me with! With needlepoint, Ellen is especially talented with decorative stitches and helping embellish canvases! I would highly recommend Ellen for teaching any type of needlework!"

Katy D.

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