Winter Wonderland Workshop

What if...

You could learn a whole bundle of exciting new ways to embellish your winter themed needlepoint canvases from an expert teacher? 
And what if you could do all that from the comfort of your very own house - in your jammies - without even having to walk out your front door?

Well, My Friend - You Can! 

On January 11th, we'll embark on a brand new needlepoint adventure designed to help you develop your skills and expand your stitch repertoire so you can become a more confident stitcher. 

No more wasting precious stitching time on frogging those stitches that didn't turn out like you thought they would.

No more second-guessing your stitch selection or wondering if the thread you chose will actually work.

And no more projects abandoned in utter frustration and disappointment.


  • You could learn more than 20 stitch and thread combinations that you could use on your needlepoint canvases right away?
  • You could stop wasting time doubting your stitch and thread choices and spend more time actually working on your projects?
  • You could develop your needlepoint skills from the comfort of your very own home - and on YOUR schedule?


So... What's this Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop all about?

Great question - and I'm so glad you asked!
The Winter Wonderland Workshop is an online needlepoint workshop designed to teach you oodles of decorative stitches that you can use to embellish your needlepoint canvases - and there are lots of other goodies, too!


I'll guide you, step-by-step, through each stitch/thread combo and share the different ways you can use them on your needlepoint canvases. And as an added bonus, you'll be able to use lots of the stitches on your other canvases, too. I'll show you how! 

Each stitch includes downloadable support materials to ensure that your
Winter Wonderland Workshop experience is a smashing success. 




You'll get two stitch diagrams for each stitch! One diagram - in full color - shows you exactly how to work the stitch, step by step.

And the other digram is left "open" so you can use colored pencils or markers to see what the stitch would look like in different thread color combinations.



After the live workshop ends, you can access your Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop and all the support materials in one convenient location. 

The student portal includes the workshop recording, stitch diagrams, FunSheets, bonus videos and more - all designed to help you become a more skillful and confident stitcher.



Throughout the workshop, you'll be able to ask questions and get instant feedback - as if you were sitting around a table with Ellen and your stitching friends. 


I always like to include "lagniappe" for my students, so be on the lookout for surprise bonuses when you join the Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop. 😉

In short, the Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop will provide you with a host of needlepoint stitch/thread combinations that you can use to embellish your needlepoint canvases in new and exciting ways.

If you've been searching for a way to get out of your rut and add to your stitch repertoire, then you're going to L-O-V-E the Winter Wonderland Workshop!

If you're always second-guessing your stitch choices - and you're tired of spending more time ripping than stitching - then you're going to be dancing a jig when you see all of the tried and true stitch/thread combos I've curated just for wonderful Y-O-U!

And if you struggle to find time to stitch, well, this is really a "no-brainer" for you. Where else can you get more than twenty stitch/thread suggestions, stitch diagrams and tutorials, and help-on-demand - all at the click of one little button

Wondering why, exactly, you should trust me to be your Needlepoint Guide?
Well, here's a little bit of background info about me...

I've mentored hundreds of stitchers just like you.

I love sharing time-tested needlepoint success strategies and systems that I've developed during my 25 + years of teaching in my own shop and around the USA. 

My mission is to help more stitchers overcome their challenges and frustrations so they can stitch with confidence.

I'm the founder of The Stitcher's Club – a premium membership program that empowers needle artists by providing them with resources, relationships and valuable training materials.

I've written articles and designed projects for a variety of needlework magazines and I'm the author of The Embroidered Home.  



  • more than twenty stitch/thread combinations that you can use right away on your needlepoint canvases
  • targeted diagrams for how to execute those stitches on your projects
  • a way to quickly identify which threads work best on different mesh sizes of needlepoint canvas
  • how to turn past failures into future successes
  • techniques for tapping into your very own unique creativity
  • the critical ingredient for every successful needlepoint project
  • plus lots more! 

"Patience is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Ellen as a teacher. She has helped so many times with stitch guides with my needlepoint and she always has a suggestion about what stitch would work best. Never in a way that was pushy – it was always suggested as an option. She is very good at making adjustments. I could not recommend anyone more than Ellen to teach needlepoint."

Susan M.

"I highly recommend Ellen as a teacher. She has taken me from beginning needlepoint to now where I can create my own stitch guides. Not only is she very patient, she listens carefully to your questions and finds solutions . You are never made to feel embarrassed, regardless of your skill level. She is extremely friendly and kind."

Ann W.

"Ellen has a vast knowledge of all things needlework! From needlepoint, embroidery, knitting, crochet, to weaving! She is always willing to help out with any project – big or small, easy or difficult! I cannot count the number of projects Ellen has helped me with! With needlepoint, Ellen is especially talented with decorative stitches and helping embellish canvases! I would highly recommend Ellen for teaching any type of needlework!"

Katy D.

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The Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop is guaranteed to give you a leg-up when it comes to choosing the best stitches and threads for your winter themed needlepoint canvases. It was created just for you - so you can add to your needlepoint skill set and become a more confident stitcher. I can't wait to see you on the inside.









Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop for?

Great question! It's perfect for you, if you...

  • Love the idea of choosing your own stitches and threads for your needlepoint projects, but have no idea where to start.
  • Feel overwhelmed by the prospect of matching stitches with threads.
  • Have gotten stuck on a project and need a breakthrough to get to the next level.
  • Want to be part of a community of stitchers who help, encourage, and support one another in their needlepoint hobby.
  • Want expert instruction from a master teacher for developing your needlepoint skills for choosing the best stitches and threads for your projects.
Is there a long term commitment or contract?

No. The two-hour workshop will be broadcast live on January 11, 2020. 

What happens after the workshop is over? 

You have full access to all the content, including the workshop recording, that is inside your student portal. It's yours to keep.

As a student in the Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop, what will I get? 
  • access to the LIVE workshop on January 11, 2020
  • oodles of printables including stitch diagrams, thread suggestions, and FunSheets (checklists, cheatsheets, and tips to ensure your stitching success)
  • a recording of the workshop
  • surprise bonuses
I’m already super busy. Is this going to take up a lot of my time? 

Nope... the workshop will last for two hours on January 11, 2020. 

And after the live workshop ends, all of the material will be housed in your student portal so you can watch it at your convenience as often as you want. 

What if I have more questions?

I'm here to serve you. If you have further questions that have not been addressed here, please contact me at [email protected]

Make 2020 Your Best Needlepoint Year Ever!

Start your needlepoint year off with the Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop.
Try out new stitch/thread combinations. Experience an online workshop at it's best from the comfort of your favorite stitching chair and enjoy learning from an expert teacher without ever having to leave your house.


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